We are a staunchly Marxist-Leninist Organisation 

The purpose of Communist Workers Party of Australia is to change our Social Economic system from a Capitalist based system to a Socialist system and then to a Communist System. The Party is a voluntary organization of like-minded people who strive to unite in its ranks the most politically active members of the working class and other sections of the people who are prepared to work for the achievement of working class state power and the building of a Socialist Australia.

Our Party constitution is focused on maximum participation of each individual member.

Our organisational principle combines the maximum of democratic discussion by the entire membership to make decisions on how to advance the aims of the Party - advancing the cause of the Australian working class and the achievement of socialism. The Party members then have the obligation to carry out those majority decisions.

Membership is open to any resident of Australia sixteen years or older who agree with the basic principles of the Party program and are willing to abide by the Party Constitution. Potential Party members are assigned to a branch 3 months prior to their acceptance to give them the full opportunity to learn how the Party works and the theory of the working class system, ie. Marxism-Leninism.

The Rights of Party members section in our constitution protects our members, encouraging their participation in discussion and respecting their opinions. All major decision of the leadership are made by members’ vote. We have procedures and process enshrined in our constitution to ensure these rights are protected. Interested in more information about our Party?

Phone: 0401 824 386 Email: brendakellaway@outlook.com Mail: PO Box 367 , Hamilton, NSW , 2303 Our website: communistworkerspartyofaustralia.org.au/ Our facebook page:



Further information and statements are below or you may contact: 


PH: 0401824386 between 10am and 7pm

Party  Constitution please click link  below

Party statement on launch of Communist Workers Party of                   Australia   above


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Pamphlet on the current political situation in Australia on Revisionism above

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Party statement 11th May 2016

Coming Activities Noticeboard:

IWW Rent Strike ; from the IWW site " As renters and mortgagors we need to pledge, en-masse, that we collectively withhold all rental and mortgage payments while the COVID-19 pandemic requires vulnerable people to isolate without security of income and housing". Please go to IWW Australia site and sign petition as per below link


  If you wish to sign up to one of our branches please contact us on phone (61) 0401824386

  We are currently conducting our branch meetings by phone/internet conferences therefore it does not matter where you are in  Australia we can include you in our meetings. We will continue to include people who can't, for any reason, be a part of our face to face meetings.

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