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vale Jack Mundey

The Communist Workers Party of Australia pays Tribute to Jack Mundey
and expresses their condolences to all family Comrades and friends of Jack Mundey.

Jack’s passing is a loss to the Communist and Labour movement in general, he will be missed!
Jack Mundey was born on 17th of October 1929 in Malanda 100 km west of Cairns on the Atherton Tableland, Queensland. He was one of five children. His mother died when he was age six. Jack moved to Sydney when he was 19 years old, apparently largely to play football, rugby league for Paramatta. He became a metalworker and later a builder’s labourer joining the Federated Ironworkers' Association and then the Builders Labourers Federation. He joined the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) in 1957.

During the 1960s Jack Mundey was an advocate on a wide range of social justice issues, from safety reforms on building sites to issues such as feminism, gay rights and international politics. In 1968 he was elected as secretary of the NSW Builders’ Labourers Federation (BLF) after having to wage a campaign to defeat a sold out and corrupted leadership.

As Jack Mundey stated himself in an interview with the Miller Point Community group;

“Then during that building boom they lifted the level of a hundred fifty feet and the sky became the level, and that bursting forward meant that the union that had controlled the builders’ Labourers’, the corrupt, worked in collusion with the employers, got workers sacked if they were militants. That union then changed and myself and others in the rank and file committee overthrew the union leadership, got control of the union and when the boom came on we were able to organise the workers, give them dignity and confidence, lift up their wages and conditions and we won the respect of the workers.”

With Jack’s leadership he inspired BLF members to take industrial action, ‘Green bans’ to support community efforts in Sydney to save places of heritage & architecture around Sydney from demolition. He saved Kelly’s Bush, the Rocks, Woolloomooloo, Potts Point, Centennial Park, Victoria Street in Kings Cross and the last stretch of public bushland on the Parramatta River and more recently Bondi Pavilion.

Jack Mundey was the lead Legislative Council candidate of the Communist Party in the 1978 New South Wales state election. The Communist Party polled almost 80,000 votes, 2.9% of the statewide total. He came close to winning a seat and was the last candidate excluded from the count.

In 1998 the University of Western Sydney made Jack Mundey an honorary Doctor of Letters and an honorary Doctor of Science in recognition of his service to the environment for the previous 30 years, he was made a Life Member of the Australian Conservation Foundation and in 1995 he was appointed the chair of the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales. However, Jack never forgot his working class background and continued to struggle for the rights of workers, for social justice and for conservation of our heritage.

Farewell Comrade Jack Mundey and condolences to your family, friends and Comrades.

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